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About us


Quality comes from Experience

Anyone that knows Rex, knows that he will not short-cut.  It's going to be done right, or he just won't do it.   


Trust and Reputation Counts!

When you hire Rex to do a job, you can rest assured you will be satisfied with the results.  He takes pride in everything he does, so if he's satisfied, you will be too!

About the corey's

Rex and Stephanie Corey

RS Corey Enterprises, Inc.

He's the R, she's the S.    He's the brawn, she's...the boss! 

If you know Rex, you know he's not known for being subtle or conservative.  Hence why his 40'x 80' machine shop is dubbed "Overkill Garage", and if you come up to the shop, you'll see why.  Situated on 170 acres overlooking Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains, the building is also home to Stephanie's business,  Adirmont Real Estate. 

Rex spent 30 years as a lineman for Green Mountain Power, formerly CVPS.  During those years, he simultaneously ran an excavating business and then a successful logging business as well.   After marrying Stephanie in 2006, he sold all his heavy equipment and decided to work a little less and have a little more fun.  For the next several years they spent most of their free time on motorcycles, until an accident in 2012 left Rex needing two new knees.  With some 'after market parts' he's good as new.  He 'retired' in 2015, and now works more hours for himself than he did for GMP!  

Driven entrepreneurs, the Corey's are rarely idle.  While  Stephanie's busy selling houses, Rex is usually hauling asphalt in the summer, doing site work for a new house, or creating a custom made implement or part in the fab shop.  Rex loves what he does so much, it doesn't feel like work to him.  

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